Month: August 2017

Day 2 of Sri Lanka Trip, Anuradhapura on July 12, 2017

Second day of our Sri Lanka trip. The plan of the day was to meet up with our chauffeur driver for the rest of our journey through Sri Lanka, then drive up to Anuradhapura, the first capital city… Read More

Day 1 of Sri Lanka Trip, Negombo on July 11, 2017

First day of our Sri Lanka trip. Since it was a late-night flight and we checked in to our hotel late yesterday early this morning, I woke up like at moon today, which wasn’t too bad since we… Read More

Journey to the States

I accepted offer from the Graduate School of University of Maryland, and this summer I embarked on a trip to US that would hopefully lead to a bright new chapter in my life. In short, from my home… Read More