Month: September 2017

Day 6 of Sri Lanka Trip, Sigiriya on July 16, 2017

Sixth day of our Sri Lanka trip. Today we visited Sigiriya in the morning, and Dambulla Cave Temple in the afternoon, before reaching our overnight apartment in Kandy in the evening.

Day 5 of Sri Lanka Trip, Polonnaruwa on July 15, 2017

Fifth day of our Sri Lanka trip. Today we drove from Trincomalee to Polonnaruwa, the capital city of the second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms (the first was Anuradhapura which we visited a couple of days ago),… Read More

Day 4 of Sri Lanka Trip, Trincomalee on July 14, 2017

Fourth day of our Sri Lanka trip. Today we were in Trincomalee, where the nearby Pigeon Island National Park was arguably the best snorkeling site in the country. So when planning this trip my friends insisted that we… Read More

Day 3 of Sri Lanka Trip, Anuradhapura on July 13, 2017

Third day of our Sri Lanka trip. The plan of the day was to visit the temples scattered around Anuradhapura in the morning, and had our driver took us to the coastal town of Trincomalee on this country’s… Read More