Category: Movie/Drama Review

Your Lie in April, a Japanese animation series bravely endeavored into the musical world, and then got lost

Its subtitle says it all, “I met the girl under full-bloomed cherry blossom, and my fate has begun to change.” To be more explicit, the life of the piano prodigy and protagonist Kosei Arima turned for the better… Read More

Flight (2012), a movie with heoric scenes and prolonged bathroom breaks

The plot of Flight is easily summarizable: an alcoholic pilot went to work drunk, a heroic pilot saved his plane from mechanical failure. After some tense scenes in the cockpit for the first half an hour of the… Read More

Ajin season 1, an animation series that transcends its peers

Usually, I got to know a movie or a TV series by its trailer or word description, which very often give me a reliable impression of what it is, and more importantly, how good it is. That’s not… Read More