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Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 176 and 922 from Juneau to Baltimore via Seattle

After spending a week visiting places in Alaska, this post would be about my flights back home on the east coast, that’s plagued by delays and interruptions.

Day 8 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Juneau, State Museum and Suburbs

Eighth and final day of my 2021 Alaska trip. Weather wasn’t great today, so I visited Alaska State Museum in downtown Juneau, before checking out some sceneries on the city’s suburbs.

Day 7 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Mendenhall Glacier and Ice Cave

Seventh day of my 2021 Alaska trip and my first of two days in Juneau. Weather was fine today so I took the West Glacier Trail onto Mendenhall Glacier after exploring its famous ice cave. It ended up… Read More

Day 5-6 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Utqiagvik, Northern-most American Town

Fifth and sixth day of my 2021 Alaska trip. During these two days I visited Utqiagvik, the northern-most town of United States, where I experienced a polar day in this isolated town surrounded by tundra and arctic sea… Read More

Day 4 of 2021 Alaska Trip, South Pioneer Peak, Jewel of Chugach Mountains

Fourth day of my 2021 Alaska trip and last day in the Anchorage vicinity. I climbed and summited South Pioneer Peak, a magnificent YDS class 3 mountain on the southern bank of Knik River that’s an enchanting sight… Read More

Day 3 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Anchorage

Third day of my 2021 Alaska trip. Weather forecast was occasional drizzle for the day, which wasn’t ideal for hiking. So I took the day easy, visited Anchorage Museum in its downtown, and a few parks on its… Read More

Day 2 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Marmot Mountain

Second day of my 2021 Alaska trip. Yesterday’s excursion to Matanuska Peak took quite a toll on me that I spent most of the day resting. But since I still wanted something done for the day, I decided… Read More

Day 1 of 2021 Alaska Trip, Matanuska Peak, Manifestation of Mental Perseverance

First day of my 2021 Alaska trip, I would be climbing Matanuska Peak outside the city of Palmer, a grueling day hike that tested both my physical and mental capabilities.

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 3 and 127 from Washington DC to Anchorage via Seattle

I enjoyed last summer’s trip to Alaska so much that I decided to visit it again this year over Independence Day. The outbound flights followed the same routing as last year, with a different set of sceneries and… Read More