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Roundtrip Flight between Washington Reagan and Chicago Midway with Southwest Airlines

March 2022, I flew to Chicago for some conference, as the first business trip I took in over 2 years from COVID.

Weekend Trip to Virginia, Hiking Three Ridges Loop, Crabtree Falls and Humpback Rocks

My weekend trip of hiking in Virginia at the turn of April/May 2022, along the northern part of Blue Ridge Parkway.

April 2022 Trip to Philadelphia, Birds, Cherries and Museum

A post about my trip to Philadelphia, about bird viewing, cherry blossoms and museums.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1286 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

It’s the final day of my 2020 Utah trip, I would be taking Southwest flight 1286 back to Baltimore. This would actually be my 100th flight.

Day 8 of 2020 Utah Trip, Capitol Reef National Park

Eighth day of my Utah trip. I would hike Chimney Rock Trail in the morning, and drive back to the suburbs of Salt Lake City in the afternoon for tomorrow’s morning flight back home.

Day 7 of 2020 Utah Trip, Capitol Reef National Park

Seventh day of my Utah trip. I would be visiting Capitol Reef National Park today, hiking Cassidy Arch, Grand Wash and Hickman Bridge trails.

Day 6 of 2020 Utah Trip, from Moab to Torrey

Sixth day of my Utah trip. In the morning, I would be visiting Corona and Bowtie Arch, which were two arches in the Moab area that weren’t part of any established parks. Then I would use the rest… Read More

Day 5 of 2020 Utah Trip, Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands Parks

Fifth day of my Utah trip. I would be spending the day between Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park. The two parks were located close to each other, both offered views of magnificent landscapes combined… Read More

Day 4 of 2020 Utah Trip, Canyonland and Arches National Park

Fourth day of my Utah trip. I would be stargazing and sunrise watching in Canyonlands National Park in the morning, and then visit Arches National Park for a second time in the afternoon.

Day 3 of 2020 Utah Trip, Arches National Park

Third day of my Utah trip. I would finally be in one of Utah’s “mighty five” National Parks. I would be driving from Green River to Moab, and spend the majority of the day in Arches National Park.