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Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 1778 and 740 from Seattle to Baltimore via Los Angeles

After four days touring the city of Seattle and its surrounding wilderness, I hopped onto flights back to Washington DC.

Day Tour of North Seattle

For the last day in Seattle, I planned to tour the city’s Northern districts, Fremont and UW regions, before hopping onto evening flights back to DC.

Day Tour of Downtown Seattle

The third day for the Seattle trip as I explored attractions of downtown Seattle.

(Failed) Hiking to Annette Lake

Second day of my Seattle trip as my friend and I hiked (part of) Annette Lake Trail in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Winter Day Tour of Hurricane Ridge of Olympic National Park

First day of Seattle trip as we visited Hurricane Ridge of Olympic National Park, a misty wonderland covered in snow.

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 3 from Washington DC to Seattle

It had been an unusually warm winter for United States’ eastern coast, with not much snowfall near Washington DC (that can survive a full day without melting). So in the middle of January 2020, just before the start… Read More

Hiking Mary’s Rock in Shenandoah

A warm day in the month of May as summer colors finally returned to the mountains. I headed out to Shenandoah National Park for some hiking.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 3177 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

After more than two weeks of road trip exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, we were back at Salt Lake City for a night’s rest, before taking a morning flight back to Washington DC where I would be… Read More

Day 16 of 2019 Western US Tour, July 27, Road Trip to Salt Lake City

Our final day roaming America’s mountain areas for the summer of 2019. The plan of the day was to drive from Kalispell, the gateway to Glacier National Park, to Salt Lake City, where our flight to Washington DC… Read More

Day 15 of 2019 Western US Tour, July 26, Highline and Garden Wall Trail

Our sixth and last day in Glacier National Park. My plan of the day was to hike Highline and Garden Wall Trail, probably the second most popular day hike route in Glacier National Park, behind Grinnell Glacier Trail…. Read More