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Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1641 from Baltimore to Oakland

A post about my flight from Baltimore to Oakland, California through wonderful landscapes of United States of America.

Weekend Trip to Boston: Flights, Bunker Hill and Naval Yard

Roughly a month ago a few college friends of mine told me they would be renting a house in Boston for the weekend and hold a gathering of chats and games and exchanges of cooking skills. Well, that… Read More

2017 Winter Break: Journey back to States

After a trip to Vietnam the photos of which I could only hope that I have time to process and some time with my parents, I packed up all my holiday shopping back home and went on this… Read More

2017 Winter Break: Journey to China

Winter break of 2017. For reasons out of my control, this could be the only holiday that I could (or at least, willing to) spend with my parents who lived in China, who had been yearning for my… Read More

Journey to the States

I accepted offer from the Graduate School of University of Maryland, and this summer I embarked on a trip to US that would hopefully lead to a bright new chapter in my life. In short, from my home… Read More

Flight Log of Malaysia Airlines Flight 178 and 388 from Colombo to Shanghai Pudong with Transfer at Kuala Lumpur

After two weeks touring the nation of Sri Lanka, it’s time to head back home and get ready for the next chapters of my life.

Flight Log of Malaysia Airlines Flight 389 and 179 from Shanghai Pudong to Colombo with Transfer at Kuala Lumpur

Summer of 2017. To celebrate our graduation, some friends of mine planned a two-week vacation to the island nation of Sri Lanka, an island of various amazing sights. There weren’t many places to choose from in the middle… Read More

Flight Log of All Nippon Airways Flight 955 from Tokyo Narita to Beijing on May 9th, 2017

On the afternoon of May 9, my friend and I travelled on 5 trains for 5 hours covering 171.2 km and reached Tokyo Narita Airport from Gora, Hakone to conclude this eleven-day journey to Japan.

Flight Log of All Nippon Airways Flight 22 from Osaka Itami to Tokyo Haneda on May 3rd, 2017

May 3rd, after spending three days in Osaka and its surrounding cities, we were heading for Tokyo. So we arrived at Namba Station at 0855 in the morning to the airport bus to Itami Airport.

Flight Log of All Nippon Airways Flight 980 from Beijing to Osaka Kansai on April 29th, 2017

Chinese Labor Day Holiday in May, 2017. After discussions with my undergraduate classmates, we decided that this should be the time for our graduation trip, and we chose Japan as our destination. During the reservation process, we found… Read More