Category: Flight Log

Flight Log of American Airlines Flight 2454 and 5879 from Washington DC to Midland/Odessa via Dallas

The flights to west Texas for my 2022 Thanksgiving trip to Big Bend National Park.

Weekend Trip to Florida

I had some events to attend in Florida over the third weekend of September 2022. This is a post about my flights back and forth, and the places that I visited along the sidelines.

Flight Log of American Airlines Flight 500 and 2878 from Denver to Washington DC via Miami

My flights back to Washington DC after a week of mountaineering trips in Colorado.

Flight Log of American Airlines Flight 2890 and 2372 from Washington DC to Denver via Charlotte

A post about my flights with American Airlines from Washington DC to Denver, the start of a week of mountaineering in the wonderous state of Colorado.

Flights for a Day Trip to Detroit

August 21, 2022. I made a day-trip to the suburbs of Detroit to attend some events. This post would be about the flights back and forth, my first time flying United Airlines.

2022 Weekend Trip to Laredo, Texas

The first weekend of August 2022, I made a trip to Laredo, Texas for this year’s Bronco and Palomino League World Series. I won’t go too much into the trip’s details, so this post would be mostly about… Read More

Delays and Diversions, Flying American Airlines from Los Angeles to Washington DC via Philadelphia

My flights back home to Washington DC after meeting some friends in Los Angeles, with untimely weather causing a diversion and some not-too-pleasant experiences.

Flight Log from Washington DC to San Jose via Philadelphia and Los Angeles, with American and Alaska Airlines

June 2022, a small group of my friends decided to hold an informal class reunion in the west coast, driving down California’s famous coastal highway before having some parties in Los Angeles. This would be my outbound flight… Read More

Roundtrip Flight between Washington Reagan and Chicago Midway with Southwest Airlines

March 2022, I flew to Chicago for some conference, as the first business trip I took in over 2 years from COVID.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1286 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

It’s the final day of my 2020 Utah trip, I would be taking Southwest flight 1286 back to Baltimore. This would actually be my 100th flight.