Category: May 2021, Los Angeles

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 1108 from Los Angeles to Washington Dulles

After spending the weekend in Los Angeles, this was a cross-country flight back to Washington DC.

Day 2 of 2021 Los Angeles Trip: Parker Mesa Overlook and Griffith Observatory

Sunday May 16, 2021. My other friends that lived around Los Angeles area were busy, so I spent the day between hiking and resting on the beach, before heading to Griffith Observatory for Los Angeles’ skyline at night.

Day 1 of 2021 Los Angeles Trip: Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

Saturday May 15, 2021. I joined a friend of mine in Los Angeles visiting Huntington Gardens.

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 1097 from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles

A cross-country flight to Los Angeles on a weekend trip meeting with a few friends.