Category: Hiking

Day 7 of 2020 Alaska Trip, Lazy Mountain

Seventh and last day of our Alaska trip. I would be hiking Lazy Mountain Trail near Palmer, Alaska before hopping onto a 7pm flight to Seattle.

Day 6 of 2020 Alaska Trip, Mount Healy Overlook Trail and Driving to Palmer

Sixth day of our Alaska trip. I would be hiking Mount Healy Overlook Trail in Denali National Park in the morning, after which we would be driving to the town of Palmer where we would spend our last… Read More

Day 3 of 2020 Alaska Trip, Harding Ice Field

Third day of our Alaska trip. I would be hiking Harding Ice Field Trail, the most popular hiking trail near Seward, that ended with me stepping onto the expansive ice field.

Hiking Strickler Knob and Duncan Knob in George Washington National Forest

Aug 2nd, 2020, I headed towards the northern district of George Washington National Forest and hiked two of its most popular trails, Strickler Knob and Duncan Knob. Both trails started from a country road deep in the forest… Read More

Day 6 of 2020 Idaho Trip, Borah Peak, Crest of Idaho

Sixth day and the climax of my Idaho trip as I would summit Mount Borah, the tallest mountain in the state of Idaho.

Day 5 of 2020 Idaho Trip, Pioneer Cabin

Fifth day of my Idaho trip, I would be leaving the town of Hailey for Moore today, in preparation for next day’s summitting of Borah Peak. But before that, I would hike Pioneer Cabin Trail in Sawtooth National… Read More

Day 4 of 2020 Idaho Trip, Sawtooth Wilderness

Fourth day of my Idaho trip. I travelled along Idaho Route 75 farther up to Sawtooth Wilderness Today, hiking Sawtooth Lake trail while exploring a few lakes along the way with drone.

Day 3 of 2020 Idaho Trip, Chocolate Gulch

Third day of my Idaho trip. After a heroic hike to summit Hyndman Peak the previous day, I spent most of the day resting in bed. To make sure that’s not how I “wasted” an entire day of… Read More

Day 2 of 2020 Idaho Trip, Hyndman Peak

Second day of my Idaho trip. I planned to summit Hyndman Peak. At an elevation of 3660m, it’s the tallest of Pioneer Mountains. Rated as class 2, it’s one of the easiest 12’ers of the state. Unfortunately, my… Read More

Hiking Loudoun Heights Trail from Harpers Ferry

A nice winter day when a thin sheet of snow blanketed the earth. I headed off to the historic town of Harpers Ferry for some hiking and exploration.