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Flight Log of American Airlines Flight 113 and 3300 from Washington DC to Boise via Chicago

The outbound flight segments of my July 2020 trip to Idaho. Coincidentally, the flight served as an aerial tour of the forests and mountains that I was to explore over the coming week.

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 1778 and 740 from Seattle to Baltimore via Los Angeles

After four days touring the city of Seattle and its surrounding wilderness, I hopped onto flights back to Washington DC.

Flight Log of Alaska Airlines Flight 3 from Washington DC to Seattle

It had been an unusually warm winter for United States’ eastern coast, with not much snowfall near Washington DC (that can survive a full day without melting). So in the middle of January 2020, just before the start… Read More

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 3177 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

After more than two weeks of road trip exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, we were back at Salt Lake City for a night’s rest, before taking a morning flight back to Washington DC where I would be… Read More

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 2674 from Oakland to Salt Lake City

After spending two days visiting San Francisco, one of the loveliest cities in US by a tourist stand point, we were about to take an evening flight to Salt Lake City.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1641 from Baltimore to Oakland

A post about my flight from Baltimore to Oakland, California through wonderful landscapes of United States of America.

Weekend Trip to Boston: Flights, Bunker Hill and Naval Yard

Roughly a month ago a few college friends of mine told me they would be renting a house in Boston for the weekend and hold a gathering of chats and games and exchanges of cooking skills. Well, that… Read More

2017 Winter Break: Journey back to States

After a trip to Vietnam the photos of which I could only hope that I have time to process and some time with my parents, I packed up all my holiday shopping back home and went on this… Read More

2017 Winter Break: Journey to China

Winter break of 2017. For reasons out of my control, this could be the only holiday that I could (or at least, willing to) spend with my parents who lived in China, who had been yearning for my… Read More

Journey to the States

I accepted offer from the Graduate School of University of Maryland, and this summer I embarked on a trip to US that would hopefully lead to a bright new chapter in my life. In short, from my home… Read More