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Day 3 of 2023 Trip to Hawaii, Diamond Head, and Flight to Maui

Third (and fourth) day of my January 2023 trip to Hawaii. My friend and I spent the morning visiting Diamond Head Crater, before hopping onto an afternoon flight to the island of Maui. (For the fourth day, I… Read More

Roundtrip Flight between Washington Reagan and Chicago Midway with Southwest Airlines

March 2022, I flew to Chicago for some conference, as the first business trip I took in over 2 years from COVID.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1286 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

It’s the final day of my 2020 Utah trip, I would be taking Southwest flight 1286 back to Baltimore. This would actually be my 100th flight.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1668 from Baltimore to Salt Lake City

I made a trip to the State of Utah in early June, 2020, exploring three of its “Mighty Five” National Parks. This is the outbound flight to Salt Lake City, not a lot of events, full except for… Read More

Flight Log from Phoenix to Baltimore via Detroit, with Spirit and Southwest

January 2022. After spending a week sightseeing in Arizona, among its saguaros, red rocks and Grand Canyon, this is the inbound flight segments where I flew Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines from Phoenix back to Baltimore via Detroit.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 3177 from Salt Lake City to Baltimore

After more than two weeks of road trip exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, we were back at Salt Lake City for a night’s rest, before taking a morning flight back to Washington DC where I would be… Read More

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 2674 from Oakland to Salt Lake City

After spending two days visiting San Francisco, one of the loveliest cities in US by a tourist stand point, we were about to take an evening flight to Salt Lake City.

Flight Log of Southwest Airlines Flight 1641 from Baltimore to Oakland

A post about my flight from Baltimore to Oakland, California through wonderful landscapes of United States of America.